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Stop mid-revenue cycle leakage with software that can think

Today, mid-revenue cycle management requires clinical judgement to ensure that the entirety of the patient encounter is accurately and compliantly reflected in the final code set submitted for reimbursement.

Normally, this would mean that a CDI team needs to constantly review every record to ensure all conditions are coded accurately and compliantly; queries must be written for all potential documentation opportunities and delivered to physicians; and each case must be reviewed again prior to billing to ensure no earned revenue is left on the table. That’s just impossible without the right technology.

The AwareCDI Suite thinks like you to solve numerous documentation integrity problems. The results? True clinical documentation reliability and a significant reduction in condition and revenue leakage across the entire mid-revenue cycle.


Increase your query rate by prioritizing records that contain inconsistencies between clinical evidence and documentation — all without the false positives and leakage from insufficient rules, marker and NLP based approaches.

For case managers and finance

Eliminate administrative burden and plan ahead with accurate, real-time, and automatic forecasted final DRGs (not working DRGs) at the beginning of an inpatient stay — across all inpatients, and without any human intervention.

For reconcilers

Redefine reconciliation beyond DRG mismatches by prioritizing, reviewing and tracking post-discharge/pre-bill records for comprehensive educational, documentation, coding or clinical validation opportunities. Reduce DNFB and increase capture of earned revenue while minimizing denial risk.


Leverage pre-populated, high confidence queries identified via Cognitive Emulation to further support efficiency and response. Access embedded clinical guidelines and knowledge to support query writing and increase CDIS confidence in query justification.

For physicians

Drive stronger collaboration, faster response time, and greater physician satisfaction with seamless delivery of queries to physicians via integrated EMR and mobile interfaces.

For CDIS and finance teams

Access deep, configurable, and actionable insights in order to facilitate evidence-based management across all aspects of documentation reliability.

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