Better care through smarter documentation

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Shannon Medical Center is the largest regional health care provider in Western Texas with a level-three trauma center and over 400 beds. They are nationally recognized as a provider of intensive care services for adults and premature neonates.

The goal of the Shannon CDI program is to review all DRG payers to support accurate reporting of case mix index, severity of illness, and risk of mortality for all patients. To support Shannon’s team of four CDI specialists, the Iodine Smartlist™ was implemented to more effectively manage the CDI process and improve productivity while maintaining current staffing levels.

Although Shannon Medical Center had a hybrid medical record with limited electronic documentation, implementing Iodine Software allowed the CDI specialists to prioritize the cases in their worklist. These prioritizations allowed for more effective identification of cases requiring review and potential intervention. This translated into timely posting of provider queries supporting clear and consistent documentation in the medical record and allowed for accurate and timely coding.

The CDI staff were able to slightly increase their medical record review rate while dramatically increasing the number of payers being reviewed and queries posted. The ability to concentrate on prioritized records resulted in improved CC/ MCC capture rates, Case Mix Index, and expected reimbursement. CDI staff job satisfaction rose significantly and physician engagement was also enhanced.

“Through the use of the Iodine Smartlist™, we are now able to prioritize records for review for accurate severity of illness and risk of mortality; something we were not able to support prior to Iodine implementation”

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