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Harness the future of healthcare AI with solutions that transform care management and delivery.

Powering the Next Wave
of Healthcare Solutions

Until now, most healthcare AI applications have relied on relatively simple AI technology like rules and checklists. And while these applications have some utility, they fail to capture the nuance of clinical reality.

CognitiveML is a completely different kind of healthcare AI engine. Combining machine learning (ML) with natural language processing (NLP), CognitiveML surfaces advanced insights from clinical data that simply weren’t possible before.

Healthcare organizations use these insights to become more efficient, more resilient, and deliver a higher standard of care to their patients. Armed with the advanced analytical and predictive capabilities of CognitiveML, there is no healthcare challenge too big to solve.

Better Data, More Powerful AI

Innovative Solutions
for Today’s Healthcare Organizations

AwareCDI: Stop mid-cycle revenue leakage for good

AwareCDI addresses the root cause of mid-cycle revenue leakage at every stage, from admissions through post-billing review. CognitiveML is the only AI engine capable of spotting what’s missing from documentation based on the entire patient record.

Quality as an Outcome or a Process

Documentation accuracy is imperative as claims data translates into publicly available information that drives hospital reputation and accreditation.

Clinical Documentation Technology Complements Staff and Fills Gaps Amid Staffing Shortages

Iodine is helping to scale workforces at a time when staffing shortages are at a high and hiring is not an option.