Why Iodine?

Iodine identifies the highest priority cases every day

We’re completely focused on your clinical documentation challenges.

Without question, CDI specialists (CDIS) are confronted with ever-growing complexity. Responsibilities and expectations have increased while access to resources remains static. For example, your team may have broadened its scope beyond CC and MCC capture to include reviews for severity of illness, HACs, and PSIs. Or, you may be reviewing mortality records and post-discharge records supporting documentation accuracy in all clinical arenas.

Is your team also reviewing records to support clinical validation, assisting in denial prevention? Have you gone beyond Medicare to review Medicaid, DRG-based commercial, and all other payers? That’s a lot of work.

And yet, more than half of those records may never have a documentation improvement opportunity. For clinical documentation to be accurate, and to ensure proper reimbursement, a CDI team needs to review every single record throughout the entire stay. That’s impossible without technology.

Iodine is the future of your CDI program.

Iodine’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology uses essential machine-learning algorithms to evaluate an array of clinical data and documentation. The system determines which records are more likely to have an opportunity for documentation improvement, enabling your team to begin each day with a prioritized list to review.

By focusing on the right records, your team can increase their query effectiveness and achieve a much higher level of documentation integrity.

While Iodine can point the way, it is certainly not a replacement for a CDI Specialist’s expertise. Released from the time-consuming tasks of looking through every single record, the CDI team can now focus on the cases with greater opportunity.


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