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Iodine Labs was created to incubate new, disruptive technology ideas as well as produce meaningful, real-time insights.

We do this by applying our CognitiveML Engine to multiple use case scenarios, across a database of 20M+ patient admissions. We welcome future collaboration to accelerate our mutual learning and help hospitals and health systems cope with the rapid, ever-changing needs of their communities. 


Solutions and analyses

Patient Triage and Escalation Support Tool (PTEST)

Iodine’s Patient Triage and Escalation Support Tool (PTEST) has the ability to predict patient conditions and comorbidities. Built in just two weeks, this tool is designed to assist with identifying patients at risk for pulmonary challenges, need for ventilators, and critical care support. This helps patient care teams intervene early and potentially reduce the demand for scarce resources. 


COVID-19 clinical impact analysis

To help healthcare providers more accurately forecast resource needs and understand the demographics most vulnerable to COVID-19, we reviewed more than 60,000 COVID-19 cases from 600+ hospitals to better understand mortality, admission status, length of stay, and ventilator demand.


COVID-19 financial impact analysis

To illustrate the expected reimbursement impact of COVID-19 patient admissions through deferment of elective surgery and extended length of stay, we reviewed more than 60,000 COVID-19 cases from 600+ hospitals. We then used Iodine Forecast to predict the DRG for recently discharged but not final-coded cases.


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