The future of AI is machine learning

Imagine what artificially intelligent software, capable of learning, could do for you.

Computers may be smart, but they don’t have your team’s expertise. What the world of chess discovered after IBM’s Deep Blue computer beat Garry Kasparov in 1997, was this: combine a human’s expert judgment with a computer’s lightning-quick info processing ability, and you’d have an unbeatable combination. Iodine was built from the ground-up to transform CDI. Over the years, in hundreds of hospitals and through millions of patient records, our proprietary artificial intelligence system has learned a thing or two.

Nothing else can come close to what Iodine can do for your team. Iodine has both a natural-language processing (NLP) system and a machine-learning component. As you might guess, NLP enables computers to understand human language as it’s spoken or written. The far tougher problem to solve is to create an artificial intelligence that can learn from combinations and interactions of all those words and clinical values.

Leverage your CDIS staff's knowledge and experience with the most powerful tools

We spent years creating our sophisticated machine-learning AI, then accelerated its learning by feeding it volumes of real-world data. The final product: Iodine is the intelligent companion to the CDI Specialist's daily activities in ensuring documentation integrity, quickly and accurately helping identify the areas of potential opportunity.

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