Augmenting the best minds in healthcare

Our proprietary machine learning approach — Cognitive Emulation — helps healthcare finance leaders drive immediate revenue reliability and long-term financial resiliency

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The leading CDI solution for healthcare organizations

Iodine received the top overall performance score in the 2021 KLAS Clinical Documentation Improvement Report.

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Smarter strategies with software that thinks

The AwareCDI Suite™ emulates clinical judgement for more reliable documentation to mitigate mid-revenue cycle leakage.

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Additional appropriate reimbursement recognized annually*


Increase in normalized query volume


Increase in MCC capture volume


Hospitals leveraging the Iodine AwareCDI Suite

Why Iodine

A new way to think about the healthcare revenue cycle

Today, most healthcare technology solutions “think” in terms of processes and workflows.

Iodine’s approach is different. Our CognitiveML™ Engine emulates human judgement and analysis to solve revenue cycle problems in new, surprising ways with proven results.

Today, we’re driving unprecedented reliability in clinical documentation to help ensure proper reimbursement. And, just think about tomorrow…

Unmatchable machine learning

We analyze the full clinical record for each patient much the way a clinician would — but at a massive scale.

Large, varied analytic database

Our growing database of 20M+ patient admissions covers every 1 in 7 inpatient stays and >400,000 physicians’ behaviors.

Proven business results

Last year, we helped nearly 500 hospitals realize over $30M on average in incremental appropriate reimbursement.

Iodine for CDI

From Care to code.

Iodine’s CognitiveML™ Engine powers the AwareCDI™ Suite, an intelligent technology suite that emulates the judgement of clinicians throughout the CDI process to specifically solve mid-revenue cycle leakage problems.

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* Figures are based on a $6000 modeled base rate and actual measured MCC capture performance from the 2019 Iodine Performance Cohort Analysis of 339 facilities that compared measured MCC capture and CMI impact for the Iodine usage period 9/1/2018-8/31/2019 against pre-Iodine baseline performance.