The Future of AI-Enabled
Intelligent Care

Whether it's eliminating mid-cycle revenue leakage, improving the patient care pathway, or optimizing allocation of resources, healthcare's next evolution will require smarter technology. Iodine is leading the way with CognitiveML, healthcare's most advanced clinical AI engine.

Healthcare Organizations See Results
With Iodine.

Additional appropriate reimbursements annually
Hospitals using Iodine Solutions
Median increase in normalized query volume
Average increase in MCC capture volume
- 2020, 2022 Iodine Cohort Study

Iodine AwareCDI:
Mid-Revenue Cycle Leakage Stops Here

AwareCDI is a suite of solutions that addresses the root causes of mid-cycle revenue leakage from admission through post-billing review. Unlike other CDI solutions, AwareCDI — powered by CognitiveML — spots what is missing in patient documentation based on clinical evidence. With AwareCDI, healthcare organizations maximize documentation integrity and revenue capture like never before.

Prioritize cases for review
Increase query and response rates
Spot gaps in patient documentation
Reduce denials
Continuously predict final discharge DRGS
Minimize audit risk
Automate query process
Identify coding opportunities

Leading the Way to AI-Enabled Intelligent Care

Healthcare organizations have vast stores of data at their fingertips, but traditionally, technology’s ability to gather healthcare data has far surpassed its ability to make sense of it. Garnering clinical insights out of healthcare data is the final frontier.

CognitiveML changes that. Iodine’s breakthrough AI engine processes raw clinical data at scale and surfaces actionable insights and predictions that enable the automation of clinical administrative tasks and complex workflows.

With CognitiveML, Iodine is developing solutions that will enable healthcare organizations to improve care delivery, achieve financial stability, and more.

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What Our Clients
Love About Iodine

Rush University Medical Center
“We have seen extraordinary results with Iodine. Additionally, the Iodine team has been extremely responsive and are phenomenal partners. We work as an organization, together, to improve the integrity of our documentation.”
Advent Health
"Iodine's software reduces the waste that we would have if we had to hire CDI Specialists to review every patient every day."
Hendrick Health System
“Iodine is my brain! They value their clients by listening to our feedback and suggestions. Excellent technical support team! I can always reach out to Iodine anytime.”
Carolina East
"It’s been night and day working with the Iodine team versus other vendors, I admire the team for their vision and constantly wanting to innovate. They are always thinking, how can we make things better for our clients? You know that they’re on your side."
Baptist Health
"If you’re looking for completeness of chart and document integrity, that’s Iodine!"