Cognitive Emulation
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Supporting the Front Lines during COVID-19 with Machine Learning Models


In light of COVID-19, hospitals and health systems across the country are adapting to meet the needs of their communities. At Iodine Software, we also feel a responsibility to support our clients and their patients during this crisis.

After learning major pain points of our partner hospitals, our Iodine Data Science team applied their machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise to our 20 million inpatient admission database to create a predictive tool that allows for early identification of patients at risk for respiratory compromise. Early identification allows healthcare providers to plan care, intervene sooner and support positive patient care outcomes.

Iodine’s Patient Triage and Escalation Support Tool (PTEST) is an extension of our existing technology that has the ability to predict patient conditions and comorbidities. This tool is designed to assist with identifying patients at risk for pulmonary challenges, need for ventilators, and critical care support. This capability helps patient care teams to intervene early and potentially reduce the demand for scarce resources. In addition to supporting the quality of patient care, PTEST has the potential to aid healthcare leaders in more accurately forecasting their resource needs amidst equipment shortages and overwhelmed ICUs.

Help your organization to stay resilient during this healthcare crisis by learning more about PTEST and Iodine’s machine learning approach — cognitive emulation — to support accurate reporting of care provided. Please contact: