Continuous, Intelligent
Prioritization for Peak
UM Performance

Iodine's AwareUM applies machine learning to prioritize utilization management workflows, helping ensure appropriate status for patients, foster efficiency within UM teams, and reduce downstream denials.

Proven Technology Applied
to the Challenges of
Utilization Management

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Uncover the gaps between clinical evidence and patient status for earlier, more accurate status determination. AwareUM emulates clinical thinking through continuous, complete review of all cases, prioritizing those cases with the greatest evidence for a status change, as well as those impacted by payer requirements, in real time.

AwareUM enables Utilization Management teams to focus on high-impact work, rather than spending hours digging through patient records, resulting in more accurate patient status, reduced denials, and enhanced revenue capture.

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A Purpose-built UM Platform
for Transformative
Value and Optimization

01 Enhance Revenue
02 Achieve Time Savings
03 Consistent Compliance
01 Enhance Revenue

Payer requirement monitoring aids with administrative denial prevention

Fewer missed opportunities with intelligent, evidence- based prioritization

Earlier recommendations for faster patient status decisions

02 Achieve Time Savings

Intelligent extraction of clinical data that supports recommendations

AI-assisted clinical summaries for quicker, more effective denial appeals

Prioritize cases in higher need of review

Streamlined second-level review and communication features

03 Consistent Compliance

Continuous, complete census review

Reduce the risk of clawbacks with clear substantiation of status determination

Focused resolution for short inpatient and long observation stays


Hear From AwareUM Users

UM Nurse / / Regional Hospital in Texas
Reviews used to take me 15 minutes; now it only takes 5-7 minutes.
UM Nurse / / Regional Academic Medical Center in the Midwest
Having cases prioritized in easy-to-use worklists is very helpful.
UM Nurse / / Regional Academic Medical Center in the Midwest
The format in AwareUM makes it easy to find data points I need.
UM Nurse / / Regional Hospital in Texas
Before AwareUM, I was unable to review every case before they were transferred. Now, I can!