CDI Solution Drives Documentation Excellence and Improves Revenue Performance

R1 RCM and Iodine Software’s comprehensive clinical documentation integrity solution connects managed services and intelligent technology

R1 published the following on October 16, 2023 announcing R1 and Iodine Software as solutions partners.

CDI can lead to improved patient outcomes as well as increased reimbursements for healthcare systems. But up until this point, CDI solutions have been siloed as separate approaches: Consulting and managed services are one approach; technology solutions are another. But what if these approaches joined their strengths together? How could that improve the completeness, accuracy, and specificity of the medical record and reduce documentation, coding, and billing errors?

CDI Total Performance, powered by Iodine, does just this. A joint solution, CDI Total Performance combines the domain expertise and deep data insights of R1 RCM clinical documentation specialists with the Best in KLAS AwareCDI platform from Iodine Software.

The need for a new CDI approach

Efforts to codify clinical care are as old as documentation itself, with the first “modern” disease classification system developed in the early 18th century. With quantum leaps in specificity and complexity of medical coding in recent times, CDI becomes more important than ever as a driver of revenue performance.

A strong CDI program is a critical imperative that comes with challenges

Released earlier this year, the 2023 Revenue Intelligence Data and Insights Report unveils some of the RCM issues most profoundly impacting healthcare providers. Of the 13 revenue cycle stages covered, seven have clinical documentation integrity as a key enabler for process and outcome improvement. From determining appropriate patient status and capturing legitimate charges to recovering underpayments and reversing denials, CDI plays a foundational role in facilitating and improving mid-cycle and back-end revenue processes.

There are several barriers that can hinder the effectiveness and sustainability of a CDI program. One is the industry perception of CDI programs as cost centers rather than revenue drivers. In fact, a national study of CDI leaders conducted last year by the Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists (ACDIS) for Iodine Software found 91% of CDI leaders track financial impact as a measure of success, while 68% track severity of illness (SOI)/risk of mortality (ROM) impact, and 53% make note of the observed-to-expected mortality rate. Even providers that do recognize CDI’s revenue opportunities can struggle to make headway because their programs lack transparency, accountability, or focused leadership, often due to strained resources. Additionally, many providers are reluctant to make changes to their CDI programs because they worry about the potential for disrupting regulatory compliance. Other factors preventing CDI excellence include:

  • Constant regulatory and coding changes
  • Difficulty measuring program effectiveness
  • Technology limitations and integration
  • Inefficient and low-quality physician queries

Ideally, CDI programs should align with the Quadruple Aim – improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations, improving physician satisfaction, and reducing per capita costs of health care. A key role for CDI leadership, then, is to determine program priorities considering the aim, anticipate the potential barriers to achieving documentation excellence, set the table for appropriate expectations, and ensure that CDI program performance is assessed on a rational basis.

Professional development drives CDI performance improvement

The strength of any quality CDI program is a well-trained and educated team. Unfortunately, with ongoing staffing shortages, budget constraints, and cost-cutting priorities, hospitals often struggle to make the investment necessary to support their staff and, thus, see real improvement. Additionally, it can be difficult to quantify and therefore justify a return on investment from staff education and training.

R1 CDI Total Performance engagements provide a caring, high-touch onboarding experience with new education and career development opportunities for the CDI team. These include monthly education sessions on clinical topics, quarterly coding clinics, regular quality audits of each CDI specialist and an annual review of Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) updates and rules. The model enables CDI teams to operate at top-of-license and just as important, reduces stressors that can lead to team and physician burnout.

Introducing a new kind of CDI partnership

R1 CDI Total Performance, powered by Iodine, brings to market a transformational solution built upon shared responsibility for collective CDI goals, deep clinical documentation expertise, and clinically intelligent technology. As an accountability partner, R1 invests in the success of their clients because their success depends on it. That begins with career growth for the team – R1 transforms CDI programs with best practices education gleaned from CDI engagements with leading hospitals and health systems that opens new professional opportunities for staff. Then R1 further empowers that team with Best in KLAS clinically intelligent technology to drive measurably better results and revenue.

“We’ve been in this market a long time and know CDI is a big driver of success in our partnerships with leading hospitals and health systems,” said Kyle Hicok, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at R1. “From our vantage point, we see an unsolved need for a more holistic approach to CDI and a real opportunity to innovate in this space. CDI Total Performance allows us to serve more hospitals and health systems wherever they are on the CDI journey and help them achieve documentation excellence that improves the quality of care and captures more earned revenue.”

“CDI Total Performance is a unique comprehensive solution capable of delivering exceptional value to clients. Together, R1 and Iodine bring proven performance management prowess, documentation expertise, and impactful technology to deliver the financial, quality, and productivity gains demanded by health system executives at a speed that will set a new benchmark for industry expectations – right when health systems need it most,” said Troy Wasilefsky, Chief Revenue Officer for Iodine Software.

Achieve CDI excellence with best practices and Best in KLAS software

With 95 of the top 100 hospitals in the U.S. as customers, R1 is unique in its ability to develop, aggregate, and replicate CDI best practices at scale to improve clinical documentation performance. Iodine’s Best in KLAS AwareCDI technology provides new insights to CDI teams by strategically identifying and prioritizing cases for review and streamlining the query process to simplify and improve CDI, Coder collaboration, and physician response. As solution partners, R1 and Iodine deliver the only offering of its kind on the market, the closest thing there is to an easy button to fast-track CDI excellence.

To learn more about R1 CDI solutions, visit

Iodine Software to Harness the Power of Generative AI to Expand the Impact of Its Industry-Leading AI Solutions

Iodine Software will leverage generative AI to accelerate the impact of its solutions, which includes the 2023 Best in KLAS for Clinical Documentation integrity solution, AwareCDI

Iodine Software, a pioneer in healthcare AI technology, today announced an expanded relationship with OpenAI, an AI research and development company. As part of this collaboration, Iodine will gain access to OpenAI’s cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies, including its powerful language model GPT-4.

Iodine Software has a deep-rooted history in clinical AI technology, having developed sophisticated, industry leading solutions that enhance financial performance in the mid-revenue cycle.  This collaboration with Open AI allows it to further infuse generative AI and large language models across the breadth of its AwareCDI product suite to improve prediction accuracy, streamline query processes, and develop clinical automation tools that will further stem revenue cycle leakage by ensuring documentation accuracy. 

“We are thrilled to collaborate with a fellow pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence,” said William Chan, Iodine CEO and co-founder, “Strategic, fast paced yet cautious innovation has always been our guiding principle. The evolution towards generative AI is a natural next step for us. We are optimistic about its potential impact, yet cautious due to the significant impact on patient care, physician trust and patient reimbursements. Aware of its limitations, such as data hallucinations, we are committed to a responsible approach, ensuring we balance progress with prudence.” 

The efficacy of Artificial Intelligence is dependent on data on which the language models are trained. Iodine Software is an industry leader with an unmatched clinical dataset, giving the company an unprecedented opportunity to transform how it supports hospitals across a variety of functions. A recent market analysis of the volatility of CMI validated that Iodine Software’s data cohort is representative of the overall market, which makes it one of  the best and powerful assets for training machine-learning and large language models.

By incorporating the latest innovations in large language models, Iodine Software can ensure more specific patient documentation and coding efficiency, increase prediction accuracy, and improve its predictive analytics. These advancements will contribute to streamlining the physician documentation experience, allowing physicians to focus more on patient care, and helping hospitals and health systems to capture more earned revenue from the care they provide.

About Iodine Software

Iodine is an enterprise AI company that is championing a radical rethink of how to create value for healthcare professionals, leaders, and their organizations: automating complex clinical tasks, generating insights and empowering intelligent care. Iodine’s powerful predictive engine complements the skills and judgment of healthcare professionals by interpreting raw clinical data to generate real-time, highly focused, predictive insights that clinicians and hospital administrators can leverage to dramatically augment the management of care delivery – facilitating critical decisions, scaling clinical workforces through automation, and improving the financial position of health systems. For more information, please visit PR Contact:

Iodine Software to Integrate TruCode’s Coding Resources Directly into AwareCDI Suite.

Health tech company Iodine Software and coding software platform TruCode are collaborating to upend clinical administration using artificial intelligence.

Iodine Software Teams with TruCode to Help Health Systems Capture More Earned Revenue

Iodine Software’s 2022 Best in KLAS solution integrates with TruCode Encoder Essentials software to drive more efficient and accurate clinical documentation improvement.

AUSTIN, Tex. & MOBILE, Al. – September 7, 2022 – Iodine Software, the leading enterprise AI software in healthcare, and TruCode, a CPSI company that provides encoder technology solutions that maximize coding efficiency, today announced a partnership that enables health systems and hospitals to more effectively perform clinical documentation improvement (CDI).

Iodine Software will integrate TruCode Encoder Essentials directly into its AwareCDI suite. The combined solutions will provide CDI teams with easy access to detailed diagnosis and procedure code reference information directly in their workflows, in addition to access to complete official code books.

“Clinical documentation improvement is one of the most important areas of hospital operations and has a direct impact on both revenue performance and clinical quality. However, it often requires healthcare professionals to complete complex and tedious work that can negatively impact organizational performance. We want our clients’ CDI teams to have the best tools and resources available to them to streamline their work, minimize stress and create a positive working environment” said William Chan, Iodine Software Co-founder and CEO. “Providing TruCode’s industry-leading technology within our AwareCDI Suite will allow CDI professionals to have the confidence that every claim has a complete and accurate reflection of the patient encounter, ultimately supporting earned-revenue opportunities and reducing denials.”

AwareCDI is based on Iodine Software’s proprietary CognitiveML technology, the most advanced and versatile AI engine available in healthcare. It’s the only available market solution that addresses mid-cycle revenue cycle leakage at each step, which is one reason why it was recently named the 2022 Best In KLAS CDI Software by KLAS Research with a score of 91.2.

By embedding TruCode’s robust coding resources directly into AwareCDI, CDI teams can easily access resources that support accurate capture of documentation and code assignment resulting in appropriate claim reimbursement and accurate reporting of patient outcomes.

“This partnership offers tremendous opportunity for hospitals and health systems because it brings together two industry-leading technologies, each with proven success. By combining TruCode’s expertise in encoder technology and coding workflows with Iodine’s powerful AI engine, we can deliver real value for healthcare organizations looking to improve the quality of care they deliver while improving revenue capture,” said Chris Fowler, CPSI CEO.

An estimated 84 percent of healthcare leaders believe that a root cause of lost or decreased revenue is inaccurate clinical documentation and coding, which can cost the average hospital $5-10M for the average 250-bed hospital in revenue leakage. By integrating AI and coding software directly into a CDI team’s workflow, provider organizations can capture earned revenue and minimize physician burnout caused by documentation and coding processes.

About Iodine Software

Iodine is an enterprise AI company that is championing a radical rethink of how to create value for healthcare professionals, leaders, and their organizations: automating complex clinical tasks, generating insights and empowering intelligent care. Iodine’s powerful predictive engine complements the skills and judgment of healthcare professionals by interpreting raw clinical data to generate real-time, highly focused, predictive insights that clinicians and hospital administrators can leverage to dramatically augment the management of care delivery – facilitating critical decisions, scaling clinical workforces through automation, and improving the financial position of health systems. For more information, please visit

About TruCode

TruCode offers innovative medical coding software solutions to the hospital, consulting, and healthcare IT markets. Since 2005, TruCode’s team of passionate and experienced health information professionals has been dedicated to developing the most intuitive encoder available.

The release of the Encoder Essentials in 2011—a set of web services and components that allow TruCode’s encoder technology to be embedded within other software platforms—took TruCode to new heights. Industry-leading Computer Assisted Coding (CAC), Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), and auditing solutions providers have partnered with TruCode to incorporate their encoder functionality into their own software.

In 2021, CPSI saw the value of bringing leading coding technology to their TruBridge business and acquired TruCode. As part of TruBridge, TruCode’s solutions have helped to enhance TruBridge’s patient management and revenue cycle solutions, helping them more effectively clear the way for care.

Creating a High-Performing CDI Program

In partnership with Iodine Software, the Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialist (ACDIS) CDI Leadership Council asked several of its members to evaluate the results of a nationwide survey detailing the metrics CDI leaders use to prove program effectiveness, prioritize their responsibilities, and reach peak performance. The Council members were then asked to discuss their organizational approach to metrics and proving impact.

Click here for the full industry report, and to get an inside look at how CDI leaders are approaching CDI programmatic concerns!

CDI: Compliant Technology Adoption and the Role of Clinical Documentation Specialists

AHIMA and Artifact, an Iodine solution convened a panel of experts from across the healthcare industry for a roundtable discussion exploring best practices in CDI and how advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology are transforming clinical documentation integrity (CDI) and the role of clinical documentation specialists (CDSs). Click here to read more.