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Iodine participates at the annual CDI Leadership Exchange


The Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists held the 2nd Annual CDI Leadership Exchange September 17th-19th in Chicago at the Oakbrook Hilton. Iodine Software co-sponsored the event and led two roundtable sessions discussing the use of technology in the CDI industry.  The event hosted over 30 industry leaders in the clinical documentation field and focused on use of technology, staff management and physician engagement.

The Leadership Exchange was an opportunity for executive leaders of CDI programs nationwide to share their thoughts regarding the current state of the CDI industry and forecast future growth. The event was organized as informal roundtables, with Iodine spearheading a discussion on the use of technologies that support CDI workflow.

As the leader in CDI innovation, Iodine believes it is important to learn from CDI leaders about the issues they are facing and discuss how technology can be utilized to create solutions that improve program process and ultimately program outcomes.

Iodine provided a high-level description of artificial intelligence and machine learning and explained how this technology is different from natural language processing models. Machine learning models create efficiencies that allow CDI staff to focus their reviews on the right records at the right time.  This is accomplished through identification of medical records with clinical evidence of conditions that are being monitored and treated without the associated specificity in the providers documentation.

Feedback from participants reinforced that Iodine’s AI/ML technology is a necessary tool for efficient daily workflow of CDI Specialists.  Being able to focus CDI attention to records with the greatest documentation opportunity removes the frustration that CDI teams face regarding wasted time on records without documentation opportunity.

Additionally, increasing scope has placed greater demand on depth of record review for quality metrics accentuating the need to leverage technology for assistance in identifying key records for review.   Attendees were able to walk away from the session with a greater understanding AI technology and plan for methods to better leverage the technology for their programs.