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Webinar Recording: Moving Beyond Cost Containment in the Wake of COVID-19


Prior to COVID-19, many hospital finance leaders knew that a major reason for thin margins was leakage from mid-revenue cycle, specifically documentation integrity. Today, health systems face even more unknowns — from the unexpected 30% reimbursement decline due to COVID-19 medical admissions (according to an Iodine Software analysis) to the rise in telehealth vs. inpatient visits.  As health systems prepare for “the new normal,” finance leaders are looking for ways to ensure their system is ahead of the curve and built to ensure financial resiliency.

Be part of the discussion with other health system revenue cycle leaders that will cover:

  • The projected financial impact of COVID-19 and current financial recovery trends, based on a real-world analysis of hundredws U.S. hospitals
  • Mid-cycle leakage and the role clinical documentation plays in driving revenue
  • Revenue cycle strategies you can employ today that are short-term revenue accretive and build financial resiliency for the long term


  • Kyle McElroy, VP, Health Information Management
  • Fran Jurcak, MSN, RN, CCDS, Chief Clinical Strategist, Iodine Software
  • Ravi Chopra, MD, Clinical and Product Specialist, Iodine Software

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