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Iodine Intelligence: Introducing Iodine’s New Chief Product and Technology Officer


Key Takeaways:

  • Small, iterative changes that help address pain points, rather than large, big bang disruptions, help to de-risk and validate if product development is headed in the right direction
  • Innovation is a holistic approach that straddles business model innovation, tech innovation, and overall customer preference innovation
  • Contextual inquiry – shadowing customers in their workflow and environment – gives you the opportunity to address pain points that the customer has not even articulated yet.

Iodine Intelligence tackles a new challenge in healthcare’s mid-revenue cycle every month, shedding light on problems and solutions and sharing valuable insights from industry experts. Listen to Episode 8: Introducing Iodine’s New Chief Product and Technology Officer to learn more.

At the beginning of August Iodine Software announced that Priti Shah was joining the company as Chief Product and Technology Officer, to guide the company’s platform strategy vision and oversee the product and engineering teams. For this month’s episode, we sat down with Priti to check in on how her first month has been with the company and learn more about her background the product development strategy.

Growing up in Mumbai India, Priti graduated with a master’s in Accounting and Economics from the University of Mumbai before moving to the United States to get her MBA in Corporate Strategy and Marketing from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Priti was introduced to product management as a product analyst when she realized all the research she was doing crunching numbers and making pricing models was being leveraged by product leaders to prioritize projects and product development. She started apprenticing and learning how to manage a single product, gradually taking on more responsibility until she was managing a large global portfolio of products.

Working in healthcare related industry was a natural fit, as Priti describes her greatest motivation coming from the knowledge that the work she and her team are doing are positively impacting real people. Before coming to Iodine, Priti worked for Element K and Skillsoft, empowering people’s careers via learning and education, and was Vice President of Product and Solutions at Wolters Kluwer Health, where she oversaw the product strategy and execution of the global Clinical Effectiveness product portfolio.

Having the humility to be inquisitive, listening and learning customer pain points and then leveraging technology to solve those pain points in short iterative cycles has allowed me to move from one purpose driven industry to another.”

– Priti Shah, Chief Product and Technology Officer

She describes herself as “customer obsessed.” The customer and their needs are kept top of mind when developing products, and decisions are based on market research, user research, data analysis and user testing. Priti is a big believer in contextual inquiry – shadowing customers in their workflow to help identify paint-points before the customer can even articulate them – and thinks incremental innovation anchored in customer pain points is key to sustaining innovation over time and ensuring product development is headed in the right direction.

Speaking of her first month at Iodine, Priti stated, “It has been roughly a month since I joined Iodine Software and I am most excited to unleash the CognitiveML expertise and talent we have in-house to help address some of the biggest Revenue Cycle Management challenges that are facing our healthcare customers. We know that healthcare providers are facing unprecedented market change and volatility; my team understands that our customers need technology that consistently supports them with a greater variety of use cases.”

Iodine is thrilled to welcome Priti to the team. Her experience and proven leadership skills will guide Iodine’s product strategy into the future as we look to expand our AI’s capabilities to include more revenue-cycle functions and clinical decision support.

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