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Iodine Software to Harness the Power of Generative AI to Expand the Impact of Its Industry-Leading AI Solutions


Iodine Software will leverage generative AI to accelerate the impact of its solutions, which includes the 2023 Best in KLAS for Clinical Documentation integrity solution, AwareCDI

Iodine Software, a pioneer in healthcare AI technology, today announced an expanded relationship with OpenAI, an AI research and development company. As part of this collaboration, Iodine will gain access to OpenAI’s cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies, including its powerful language model GPT-4.

Iodine Software has a deep-rooted history in clinical AI technology, having developed sophisticated, industry leading solutions that enhance financial performance in the mid-revenue cycle.  This collaboration with Open AI allows it to further infuse generative AI and large language models across the breadth of its AwareCDI product suite to improve prediction accuracy, streamline query processes, and develop clinical automation tools that will further stem revenue cycle leakage by ensuring documentation accuracy. 

“We are thrilled to collaborate with a fellow pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence,” said William Chan, Iodine CEO and co-founder, “Strategic, fast paced yet cautious innovation has always been our guiding principle. The evolution towards generative AI is a natural next step for us. We are optimistic about its potential impact, yet cautious due to the significant impact on patient care, physician trust and patient reimbursements. Aware of its limitations, such as data hallucinations, we are committed to a responsible approach, ensuring we balance progress with prudence.” 

The efficacy of Artificial Intelligence is dependent on data on which the language models are trained. Iodine Software is an industry leader with an unmatched clinical dataset, giving the company an unprecedented opportunity to transform how it supports hospitals across a variety of functions. A recent market analysis of the volatility of CMI validated that Iodine Software’s data cohort is representative of the overall market, which makes it one of  the best and powerful assets for training machine-learning and large language models.

By incorporating the latest innovations in large language models, Iodine Software can ensure more specific patient documentation and coding efficiency, increase prediction accuracy, and improve its predictive analytics. These advancements will contribute to streamlining the physician documentation experience, allowing physicians to focus more on patient care, and helping hospitals and health systems to capture more earned revenue from the care they provide.

About Iodine Software

Iodine is an enterprise AI company that is championing a radical rethink of how to create value for healthcare professionals, leaders, and their organizations: automating complex clinical tasks, generating insights and empowering intelligent care. Iodine’s powerful predictive engine complements the skills and judgment of healthcare professionals by interpreting raw clinical data to generate real-time, highly focused, predictive insights that clinicians and hospital administrators can leverage to dramatically augment the management of care delivery – facilitating critical decisions, scaling clinical workforces through automation, and improving the financial position of health systems. For more information, please visit iodinesoftware.com. PR Contact: press@iodinesoftware.com.