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More than 60 Hospitals Embrace Artifact Health’s Mobile Technology to Accelerate Physician Query Workflow


Artifact’s CEO invited to speak at HLTH, the “Future of Healthcare” event, on best practices for ensuring accurate quality data and proper reimbursement

Artifact Health, which provides the first and only mobile platform that streamlines the physician query process, announced today that in the last 12 months, 64 hospitals across the country, including five hospitals within John Hopkins Medicine, have gone live with Artifact’s mobile query platform to improve the quality of patient records and ensure proper reimbursement for services.

Artifact Health recently announced that Western Maryland Health System and Children’s National Medical Center have selected the company’s mobile query platform.

Physician queries are vital to ensuring accurate patient records, which support hospital and physician reimbursement and quality scores. Traditionally, the query process is onerous and time-consuming for physicians, clinical documentation specialists and medical coders. With the alarming rise of physician burnout, hospitals are seeking solutions that reduce the administrative burden on their medical staff.

“All hospitals share the challenge of reinforcing physician documentation to standup to coding and billing guidelines,” said Marisa MacClary, co-founder and CEO of Artifact Health. “The physician query is the primary tool for hospitals to clarify physician documentation. However, query creation, delivery and response tracking in most hospitals remains inefficient and difficult to measure, holding up millions of dollars in reimbursement and crippling already financially strapped hospitals.”

With Artifact Health’s mobile query platform, physicians respond to a query compliantly in seconds with as few as three taps on their smartphone. By engaging physicians with a faster and easier process, Artifact drives improvements in hospital and physician coding accuracy and publicly reported quality measures. Hospitals using Artifact report sustaining response rates of nearly 100 percent, average response times down to within 48 hours for all queries, and significant reductions in done not final billed days.

“Artifact has experienced tremendous growth in recent months as hospitals find that our approach eases the burden on physicians, adds visibility to the process with real-time reporting and yields immediate improvements in coding accuracy and staff productivity,” said Marisa MacClary, co-founder and CEO of Artifact Health.

MacClary has been invited to speak at the HLTH conference, taking place May 6-9, 2018 in Las Vegas. Her session, titled, “Innovations at the Point of Care,” will focus on time-saving and efficiency technologies for physicians. With on average only 15 minutes to spend in a visit, and a ton of housekeeping tasks to do, physicians need to make every minute count when listening to and informing patients. This session focuses on technology that supports physicians and enables them to make the most of their precious time at the point-of-care.

The session takes place on May 8, 2018 from 4:10 – 4:50pm local time.

About Artifact Health
Artifact Health provides the first and only mobile platform that streamlines the physician query process so hospitals can improve the quality of patient records and ensure full reimbursement for services. Already in use by thousands of physicians, Artifact simplifies a traditionally time-consuming, multi-step process, allowing physicians to respond to queries anytime, anywhere in seconds. By shortening the time required to complete queries by up to 20x, Artifact helps hospitals complete more accurate queries, which can translate into millions of dollars in revenue.