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Scaling Success: Implementing New Technology Across Your Organization


Each fall Iodine hosts a client symposium, Iodine Connect, bringing together leaders in CDI, UM, and Revenue to share insights, expertise, and strategies for tackling some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare providers. For this month’s episode, we’re sharing an excerpt from one of this year’s Iodine Connect sessions on implementing new tools across your healthcare organization. Listen to Episode 17 Scaling Success: Implementing New Technology Across your Entire Organization to learn more.


In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever for organizations to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. By implementing new technology, organizations can improve efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction. However, scaling the implementation of new technology across an entire organization can be a daunting task.

Bern Werner, Director of Client Success at Iodine Software, alongside Rhoda Chism, National Director of CDI at Steward Healthcare, Dr Matthew Stewart, Associate Chief Medical Officer of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Sharme Brodie CDI education specialist for ACDIS at HCPro, discuss some of the challenges and best practices for scaling success with new technology.

Challenges of Scaling New Technology

There are a number of challenges that organizations face when scaling new technology. These include:

  • Cultural Resistance: Change is often difficult, and employees may be resistant to new technology. This resistance can come from a variety of sources, such as fear of the unknown, concerns about job security, or simply a lack of understanding of the benefits of new technology.
  • Technical Challenges: New technology can be complex, and organizations may not have the technical expertise to implement it successfully. This can lead to problems with integration, security, and performance.
  • Communication Challenges: It’s important to communicate effectively with employees about new technology. This includes providing clear and concise information about the benefits of new technology, as well as training and support to help employees learn how to use it.

Best Practices for Scaling New Technology

There are a number of best practices that organizations can follow to improve their chances of scaling new technology successfully. These include:

  • Senior Leadership Buy-in: The endorsement of senior leadership is crucial when integrating new technology at scale. This backing not only helps overcome employee resistance but also ensures the organization allocates the necessary resources for successful implementation. Leaders should comprehend the objectives, effectively articulate the new tool’s value, and foster transparent communication with the workforce. Open information sharing and a receptiveness to feedback play pivotal roles in facilitating ongoing iteration and improvement.
  • Comprehensive Planning: The implementation of new technology demands a well-defined roadmap for scalability. On the vendor side, emphasizing adherence to best practices is essential for a seamless integration.
  • Measurable Objectives: Like any program, new technology initiatives should be gauged against data-driven metrics. Establishing these benchmarks ensures performance satisfaction and a favorable return on investment. Highlighting positive metric trends empowers leadership to demonstrate value and motivates teams to embrace and continue implementing the new tool.
  • Adequate Training and Support Employees require tailored training and support to adeptly navigate new technology. Acknowledging that employees might not always be involved in the vendor selection process, clear communication regarding the rationale behind the decision, the tool’s value, and the implementation plan is crucial for garnering employee buy-in.

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