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The Journey to KLAS with William Chan and Tim O’Hara


Key Takeaways:

  • One of the biggest challenges Iodine faced was awareness – overcoming obstacles often associated with a new approach to a problem
  • Delivering both a product that people want to use and fulfilling the promises you make in the product are key
  • Be hungry for feedback, and be humble enough to accept both positive and negative feedback in order to stay responsive to the industry

Iodine Intelligence tackles a new challenge in healthcare’s mid-revenue cycle every month, shedding light on problems and solutions and sharing valuable insights from industry experts. Listen to Episode 3: Journey to KLAS with William Chan and Tim O’Hara to learn more.

KLAS is an independent, third-party organization that reviews vendor solutions and publishes an annual report of its findings. KLAS is known in the market for honest insights informed by robust research. This year, Iodine Software’s AwareCDI Suite was named #1 Best in KLAS in Clinical Documentation Integrity software. This award represents the culmination of years of hardwork and dedication, as previously Iodine was a top performer in the annual KLAS Clinical Documentation Improvement reports for three consecutive years.

Whereas once Iodine was seen as a narrow part of the CDI workflow, the team has worked diligently to develop trust in the application and build out functionality to deliver a comprehensive CDI platform. Being named Best in Klas serves not only as validation that AwareCDI is a product people find value in, but is also a reflection of Iodine’s exceptional team, and their work to provide superior post-sales service. In the words of William Chan, CEO and co-founder, “Because it’s so all encompassing, a best in KLAS award is really a culmination of a lot of work and a lot of people coming together.” 

Tim O’Hara, Vice President of Client Experience, wanted to be sure to thank all those who made this achievement possible, saying “First of all, how incredibly humble I am, and we all are, to receive this award, and incredibly grateful for all our employees and customers, because we couldn’t do it without them.” 

It’s not enough for us to think we have a great product with great service, that needs to be validated and affirmed by healthcare professionals who hold us to a very high standard, as they should.
– Tim O’Hara, Vice President Client Experience

Iodine has a robust team of people surrounding, and providing front-line support, to end users, including everything from Client Success Managers and clinical experts supporting organizations strategic priorities, to a technical support team available to answer questions, to customized training and support. Staff work with clients to establish key goals and how they’ll be measured up-front, allowing for transparent conversations on KPIs and enabling Iodine to achieve one of its founding principles: delivering on commitments. William believes delivering both a product that people want to us, and on the promises you make in the product are key, “We have always done our utmost, and worked our hardest, to make sure that we deliver on as many promises as we have made. I think that’s what you build your product and your company on, that’s what takes you on that trajectory towards best in KLAS.”

KLAS’s annual report provides a unique opportunity for organizations to garner additional feedback from clients. Reviews are anonymous, which can result in more candid responses, and KLAS interviews go deeper than your average NPS survey, asking things like “does this vendor keep their promises” and “are they part of your long term plans. William calls KLAS’s drive to understanding the true insights that come out of customers an obsession, and interestingly believes that embracing a similar level of obsession to be a key trait moving forward. “We need to obsess over getting behind the scenes, peeling back the layer of the onion, to know where we’ve messed up, where we haven’t done the right things, and it’s that obsession with wanting to hit the mark with the customer that is going to allow us to continue to be best in KLAS. That’s the marching orders I give to the organization.” 

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