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Western Maryland Health System Chooses Artifact Health’s Mobile Platform to Simplify and Automate the Physician Query Process


Leading MD healthcare organization to use Artifact’s mobile query platform to achieve full and proper reimbursement and improve the quality of patient records

Artifact Health, which provides the first and only mobile platform that streamlines the physician query process, announced today that Western Maryland Health System selected Artifact’s solution to make it fast and easy for physicians to answer queries that improve the quality of patient records, ensure full reimbursement for services, and increase collaboration between clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and coding staff.

Western Maryland Health System (WMHS) offers a comprehensive range of general and specialty services in Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Without an easy way to compliantly clarify physician documentation for accurate coding and billing, WMHS was losing revenue on proper reimbursements.

The state of Maryland operates under the unique All-Payer Model with a strict quality-based reimbursement program. Hospital payment is linked with performance and accurate measures depend on strong physician engagement in documenting care precisely. Because of this program, meticulously capturing and coding patients’ episodes of care is especially important for WMHS to determine hospital revenue and avoid financial penalties.

“Responding to queries has been a time-consuming multi-step process for our physicians, CDI specialists and coders who have been relying on faxing and scanning paper to facilitate the process,” said Kimberly Repac, Chief Financial Officer of WMHS. “By using Artifact, our physicians will have a simple, instant way to answer queries from their smartphones, and the query note is automatically sent to our Meditech EMR. Integrating Artifact with our EMR helps ensure that our records are accurate and that we receive proper reimbursement.”

With the implementation of Artifact Health’s mobile query platform, WMHS physicians can respond to a query compliantly in under a minute with as few as three taps on their phone. Hospitals who have implemented Artifact report raising physician response rates to nearly 100 percent and decreasing response time to hours, helping them secure proper reimbursement while improving the accuracy of quality outcomes.

“WMHS is one of the early innovators recognizing mobile healthcare technology can be used to dramatically save physicians’ time,” said Marisa MacClary, co-founder and CEO of Artifact Health. “Engaging physicians with a faster and easier query process will allow WMHS to realize both clinical and financial benefits immediately.”

About Artifact Health
Artifact Health provides the first and only mobile query platform that streamlines the physician query process so hospitals can improve the quality of patient records and ensure full reimbursement for services. Already in use by thousands of physicians, Artifact simplifies what is traditionally a time-consuming, multi-step process, allowing physicians to respond to queries anytime, anywhere in seconds. By shortening the time required to complete queries by up to 20x, Artifact helps hospitals complete more accurate queries, which can translate into millions of dollars in revenue.