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Why You Need to Start Looking at Your Mid-Revenue Cycle for Lost Revenue

Iodine Software’s CEO, William Chan, discusses the challenges of managing a more accurate mid-cycle and why machine learning is a new way to address mid-cycle leakage.

September 2020

CDI Practice Has Evolved, but our Metrics Haven’t: Why Is CDI Different from Other Departments?

Iodine Software’s Cheryl Ericson discusses why CDI programs should become CDI departments, and why such departments need to create metrics that reflect the current work of CDI professionals in the second part of a four-part series.

August 2020

Exploring the Origins of CDI: Part I

This is the first installment of a four-part series that explores the past, present and future of clinical documentation integrity (CDI).

July 2020

HFMA’s Voices in Healthcare Finance

Iodine Software’s Troy Wasilefsky discusses a recent analysis his company performed around hospital reimbursement. Some of the results may surprise you. 

July 2020

Integrating COVID-19 into CDI and Coding Practice

Iodine Software’s Cheryl Ericson shares insights on how COVID-19 could impact clinical documentation integrity (CDI) and coding professionals in the future.

July 2020

The Academy COVID-19 Brief: Measuring COVID-19 Financial Impact & Recovery

Iodine Software partnered with The Health Management Academy to analyze the clinical and financial impact of COVID-19 on health system economics.

June 2020

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