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Bringing Clarity to Care

We’re passionate about transforming healthcare.

We’ve been at this for two decades, first with Crimson and now with Iodine.

Our Story

Iodine Software’s cofounders met and became roommates at Harvard Business School. When they launched Crimson Software in 2003, their ambition was to help hospitals improve physician quality and reach cost goals. Successful beyond their lofty expectations, they helped their clients transform physician behavior and significantly impacted the practice of healthcare. In 2008, Crimson was acquired by The Advisory Board Company (NASDAQ: ABCO), solidifying its status as the premier healthcare performance software company in the United States.

Leveraging their decade of innovations in healthcare technology, they founded Iodine Software in 2010. This time, the goal was to develop innovative technology that would transform how accurately patient information is documented at a hospital facility. After years of research and development, Austin-based Iodine introduced an Artificial Intelligence-based software solution which raises the bar on clinical documentation integrity (CDI) performance at over 400 hospitals nationwide.

At Iodine Software, we are bringing clarity to care every day.

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