Advanced AI for Financially Strong Organizations

Iodine’s machine learning powers a new approach to solving mid-revenue cycle problems


CognitiveML: the Future of AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is routinely positioned as a means to drive better results, yet most healthcare technology solutions leverage rules and check-lists versus clinically-trained cognitive expertise.

Iodine has pioneered a new approach called CognitiveMLTM, which uses proprietary AI technology and machine learning (ML) algorithms to generate predictive insights that mimic the interpretations and determinations that a human clinician would make reviewing the same data. Similar to how physicians base decisions on their knowledge of medical concepts, experience in the field, and clinical judgment, Iodine leverages its CognitiveMLTM Engine to consider and analyze the entire patient record.

The result? We help teams quickly and accurately identify areas of potential opportunity to accelerate productivity, data accuracy, and financial return. 


Massive data is key to machine learning and AI success

Our large and growing database of patient admissions provides a rich resource to apply cognitive emulation and determine meaningful statistical patterns.


Proven results leveraging Cognitive Emulation

Smarter prioritization

The Iodine Concurrent™ module considers the entire scope of the clinical record, patient experience, and physician intervention to predict likely conditions and identify gaps between evidence and documentation for review.

Automated, clinically-driven DRGs

Iodine Forecast™ is a fully-automated, clinically-driven module that assigns a final DRG for every patient record, early in each patient stay — effectively obsoleting conventional working DRGs.