Mid-Revenue Cycle Leakage
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Webinar Recording: The Documentation Improvement Process: Where and Why Leakage Happens


Each stage of the CDI documentation integrity process represents an opportunity for additional leakage of accurate and appropriate documentation, resulting in inaccurate coding of conditions being monitored and treated during the patient’s encounter. And despite massive investments in documentation and coding solutions, earned revenue loss continues to persist — to the tune of $5-11M in leakage for an average 250-bed hospital1.

Leakage occurs due to a combination of factors including both human issues and technological misalignment, and occurs even in the most mature and highest performing health systems in the country.  Minimizing this leakage is key to the success of any CDI program and top of mind for CDI and coding leaders.

View this on demand webcast in partnership with ACDIS featuring health system leaders from Iodine Software and The University of Kansas Health System for a discussion on:

  • The four distinct phases where leakage occurs (from finding the case, to getting it coded)
  • The challenges to managing a more accurate mid-cycle
  • Tactical steps and solutions to address leakage

Download recording.

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