A Better Way to Manage
Provider Communications

Interact, formerly Artifact Health,
is a transformative query solution that simplifies
CDI, Coder collaboration and physician response.

Interact Delivers

1 min
Average time a physician spends reviewing and responding to query
Physician hours saved per year
Physician response rate
Average reduction in AR/DNFB
CDIS wait time for physician response
Physician Agree Rate

Interact Simplifies

Interact supports clinical documentation integrity by increasing query response rates and enabling proper reimbursement through more accurate coding and billing. Our cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform makes it easy for physicians to respond to queries any time, and from anywhere. Developed in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine, Interact has streamlined the query response process for more than 80,000 physicians at over 200 hospitals.
Make Physicians Lives Easier
With Interact, physicians can quickly and compliantly address time-sensitive queries anytime, anywhere.
Code Accurately, the First Time
Clarify physician documentation before cases are coded and billed. Optimize reimbursement and ensure publicly-reported quality scores are accurate.
Ensure HIPAA Compliance
All communication through Interact is encrypted and never stored on any device.

Key Features

HIPAA Compliant Mobile Platform
Seamless Workflow Integration
No Provider Training Needed
Faster Coding
More Visibility & Accountability
Compliant Templates
Integrates with all major EMRs